Pet Portraits by Kate Pugsley | April 28, 2011

Hands up who loves their pet! These custom oil painting pet portraits by Kate Pugsley are a great way to honour your little friend and also make a cute decoration for your home.

{ via Anthology Magazine }

posted under: Artwork, Gift Ideas, Home Décor


  1. So sweet!
  2. adorable! I wish I had a dog!
  3. So freaking cute! If I could afford a couple of portraits, I'd be all over that! :)
  4. I love every post you have! you are one of my favorite blogs..
  5. Those are so lovely!
  6. Do I point out the irony of someone with the last name of 'Pugsley' painting pictures of dogs?

    Either way - cute pictures :D
  7. So adorable! I want them all! And I want a dog! Wahhh!!!!
  8. I love my pet :) And I have a fantastic the one on the photo..
  9. Such sweet portraits :)
  10. OMG! I want one of these done for my two fur babies!!
  11. Cute dog art paint.
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