Mixed Bag... | November 10, 2014

So, my weekend ended up being unexpectedly eventful. Among the highlights was some shopping and a yummy lunch at Mighty Boy Eatery, a trip to the Melbourne Design Market at Fed Square, a slow perusal of the awesome books at Metropolis Bookshop, some homemade dumplings from a stall at the Sunday Market at The Arts Centre and a brief stop at the NGV to see the supremely colourful and kooky "Express Yourself" exhibition by Romance was Born. How was your weekend?

cushion | lamp | ring | ceramic herb markers | outfit | cup | table | face mirror | scarf | bow tie

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  1. I love the mirror- so cool! and bow tie, the packaging is fab.
  2. The herb markers are to die for! Found something for Mum for Christmas now!!
  3. I love the cup and marker. So cool. Very unique as Christmas Gifts.

    I suppose the mug is made with recycled material.
  4. Hi Nancy, I believe the cup is stoneware...
  5. I love the table, very cool and also the herb markers, very unique!
  6. I absolutely love the colours of this mixed bag! So pretty and a great inspiration for my work. Thank you Amy :)
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