Let's Get Silly | October 30, 2013

We're heading into the time of year that Australians commonly refer to as the 'Silly Season'. The Christmas and holiday season is when everything goes a wee bit pear-shaped.. but in a good way. It's my favourite time of year. Something about the mass festivity provides ample heart cockle warm-age. I find even the uber-tacky tinsel laden shop windows and garish clashes of red and green not only tolerable but, strangely, endearing.

I feel a particular kinship with the season. The truth is, I'm actually one big, fuzzy ball of silliness. Some may say, on occasion, a full-blown nut-job. If you ask why our marriage is successful, both Mark and I would wholeheartedly agree that it's the 'silly' factor. Mark and I are, basically, two over-grown children. 

However, I only really show this part of myself to my nearest and dearest. To others I resort to ridiculously unsustainable perfectionism in an effort to avoid criticism or confrontation. I have a pathological fear of making mistakes, especially publicly. You know, because then you won't like me and I won't be invited to your party.

One of my favourite apps ever is Unstuck- it's a brilliant little resource that, strangely enough, helps you get 'unstuck'. They also have an awesome newsletter which I find endlessly helpful and inspiring. This morning I watched this cute video on their blog where kids answer the question 'What does it mean to fail?'. First of all, WOW, some of them were remarkably insightful for their age. Secondly, it got me thinking about how all of us 'serious adults', especially those pursuing a creative path, should really just let it all go and simply be children again, especially in our professional lives!  By setting an atmosphere of sheer silliness could we possibly remove the expectation from others for constant perfection and remove the stigma against public failure? Failure is such a crucial part of our creative process, it should be accepted, and perhaps even applauded, just as much as our successes. After all, it's when I am at my most 'silly' and free from ego that I am at my most creative.

So I'm hoping all this sudden, uncharacteristic disclosure will somehow open a door for me to being a little more 'silly' in my work and more forthcoming about my creative process- during this silly season and, hopefully, beyond.  As I am writing this, I feel that familiar pang of doubt from the commitment it poses. However, I've putting it out there... and, well, if I fail at being publicly silly, then I suppose that's ok too. :)

In the meantime, check out this batch of holiday silliness.

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  1. It's funny, I'm exactly the same. Completely silly when I'm with the ones I love, but to the world I try to keep up a perfect exterior.

    Thanks for the Unstuck tip!

    PS. I bet Suki helps bring out your silly side - my dog sure does :)
  2. Kathleen | Oct 30, 2013
    I can relate so very well to what you've said!
    And to be honest, I can identify so much better with people who show their creative process and also the "failures" they experienced in that process, than with those who are always perfect and planned out into the last detail. I think it's just more personal and, well, human to show that one makes mistakes.
    And I completely agree, it shouldn't be stigmatised but rather applauded. Because making mistakes means that you are trying!

    Also, thanks for the "Unstuck" recommendation! :)
  3. Erin | Oct 30, 2013
    Oh it's WONDERFUL to hear more of your thoughts Amy as well as what that someone else is into the awesomeness that is UnStuck. I love it too! More posts like this please! (But no less of your visual style ones though as they're the best too. Love your bright colour splashes!). Great post.xx
  4. Wow, you stole the words right out of my mouth. I'm exactly the same!
    I wish I could just let go and be silly outside my home! Thanks for sharing this :)

    Here's to being silly!!

    Holistic Health Coach
  5. A great post, off to check out the video. My kids have a DVD "Meet the Robinsons" where the main character gets to go to the future see his home and the company he built, keep moving forward - is the company motto and the family celebrate failures, it's a bit of a whacky movie but the motto and lesson is my favourite part about it!
  6. Oh, I love this post..!

    It's so easy to get caught up in trying to be what your idea of 'perfect' is, and being afraid of not living up to that expectation, that we forget how fun & amazing it is to be to just who we are, mistakes, flaws & all. Mistakes are proof that we're trying, & without making mistakes, we can never really grow, learn or become more than what we currently are. Fear of failure shouldn't even be an option, because as long as you're trying, that's all that really matters.

    I love the little boy that said, 'As long as you have fun doing it, it's not really bad if you fail.' That rings true to me, so much so that I think I need to write it out out & keep next to my desk as a little reminder.

  7. I would always invite you to my party. We could be silly together and that would make a fantastic fest!
  8. we should all go forth and be "silly"!!
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